General running information and thoughts from a guy who has gone around the track too many times.

Here are some of my favoriate runs here on San Juan Island.  For sake of ease, all town runs start and finish at San Juan Island Fitness Club.

Doughnut Run.  Every weekend in August and September.  Check out Doughnut Running.

The Loop.  Every August we hold our County Fair.  Part of the Fair activities is the annual Loop Run.  A 8.8K run that starts downtown and ends at the fair grounds.  This is a very scenic run on Turn Point/Pear Point Road, with a few hills.  Not to much traffic, except around noon.  Great place to run if you are staying in Friday Harbor.  For a map, check out:  Turn Point Short Loop.  Want a longer Loop?   Check out:  Turn Point Long Loop.  Want even a longer Loop, then combine it with a run out to the Golf Course, about 12.5 miles.  Check out Turn Point to Golf Course.

Doughnut Run.  This cool non-sponsored event takes place most weekends, on Sunday.  Starting at San Juan Island Fitness, we wind through town and then out Beaverton Valley Road.  Eventually, like in 11.1 miles, we end up at Roche Harbor Resort and enjoy some of their freshly made doughnuts.  Yum.  You’ll need to figure out a way to get back to town.  Check out the map:  Doughnut Run.

Lab Trail Loop.  University of Washington operates the Friday Harbor Laps which is marine base research center.  Part of the Lab’s property contains a trail that winds through some pretty cool forest.  This loop runs out to the Labs, then up the trails and then circles back to town.  It’s about 7 miles, give or take some.  Lab Trail Run.

Jakel’s Lagoon.  Out at American Camp National Park, there is a great 4 to 7 mile run that leaves from the parking lot at Jakel’s Lagoon.  From the parking lot run down through the trees and follow the trail all the way, about 1.5 miles, to Cattlepoint Road.  Turn right and follow the road past the light house and take the the Finnlayson Trail up the steep trail.  From the top of the ridge follow the trail up and over Mt. Finnlayson then down to the parking lot.  Round trip 4 miles.  Start at the American Camp Parking Lot and add 3 more miles.  Check out this map.

Have questions, contact me.

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